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Oculus Robe

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Type: apparel

Big WIZARD ENERGY.  All eyes on you!  This swishy technicolor dreamcoat is made up of a series of my paintings of eyes, which is perfect for dancing around in your pajamas and socks and making your magic potions at home.  This is one of those garments that can really last a lifetime with 100 stains and never show it, so it's perfect for a painter, a sloppy eater, or someone with a baby.  Also a good gift to cheer up a friend.  I really recommend having multiple sets of extremely silly pajamas for the purpose of morale.  

FABRIC: 100% poly but it's light & swishy & breathable ITS NICE


S - 40” bust & 44” hip

M - 42” bust & 47” hip

L - 45” bust & 50” hip

XL - 47” bust & 53” hip

2XL - 50” bust & 55” hip

3XL - 52" bust & 57" hip